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Thinking About Your Next Chapter?

We deliver the greatest value when we work with families whose financial situations match our expertise.

Our Typical Clients Are:

Retirement Focused

We specialize in working with families seeking guidance as they prepare for and transition into retirement. They are typically within 5 years of retiring and want to know if and when they have the ability to make work optional.

Committed Savers

The families we serve have worked hard and saved diligently throughout their careers.  They've often built most of their nest egg through their 401(k) or 403(b) over time, and need help understanding if their finances are positioned in the best way possible to support their current and future needs.


Our clients place great value on how they spend their time and energy.  They want to minimize the noise and distractions of financial news and instead prefer to spend their time on the people and activities they enjoy most.

Intentional Spenders

We work with hard-working families who tend to live within their means and don’t consider themselves materialistic. They value relationships and experiences over things, and see money as a tool to live life; not to emphasize status. 

Good People

This may sound cliche, but working with genuinely nice people and making a difference in their lives is what it’s all about for us.  We understand we can't be all things to all people, and prefer to work with families we naturally get along well with.

Please Note: While we don't have a minimum investment, our minimum fee is $5,000 per year.

Sound Like You? 

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